Our story

Who are we?

The Booty Hut adventure began back in early 2014, when Amanda went on an unrelated business trip to Bali, her second home, and discovered an incredibly comfortable pair of underpants. Only one design was available at the time. Cradling her new favourite knickers, she rocked back home to the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, but remained burdened with an existential dilemma: 

“Who had made these undies?"

It was just prior to another Bali work trip that same year one of Amanda's friends, living on the island, reported the sighting of some new designs of the mystery underwear that now was available at a local store. Overwhelmed by underwear fever, Amanda rushed from the airport straight to the designated shop, and there they were: all these great new designs. Her first question to the staff in the store was:

"WHO made these undies?"

It was quite by chance - that at that precise moment, the creator and designer of this super-comfortable underwear brand appeared out the front.

That was the beginning of a great friendship and collaboration between Amanda, and Horacio. Amanda immediately saw the need for the underwear to be available as part of her product range in Australia. Due to their increased popularity the underwear and now swimwear range became the total focus of her business. And so Booty Hut now came into being, selling women's and then men's humorous underwear at local markets throughout Queensland.

Booty Hut underwear today is constantly evolving in comfort, style and design.The brand now comprises of three styles for women as well as a very successful line for men.

Amanda now works together with her Australian graphic designer developing new designs for the Booty Hut collections.