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Behind The Booty Hut

The Material

A sustainable future is at the heart of the Booty Hut. Each piece is crafted using material made with 85% recycled polyester (and 15% elastane). The polyester is created by utilising plastic drink bottle waste that is broken down to make yarn. This high quality, eco-friendly material is sourced from Indonesia.

The printing is done using an environmentally process called Sublimination, where a design on sublimation paper is transferred onto a piece of fabric by using pressure and heat. The dyes adhere directly onto the material, which means no dyes end up in water systems (just on those gorgeous Booty Hut pieces you all know and love). The paper used during this process is also recycled. 

We want you to know it's ok if you never want to take your Booty Hut garments off - we don't either! The versatile fabric means you can go from home to the ocean and back again, knowing that you have helped the Earth in that small gesture. Minimise you wardrobe and maximise your fun with Booty Hut.

The Makers

All Booty Hut pieces are designed and printed in Indonesia by a talented group of local makers. The Booty Hut is dedicated to ensuring ethical working conditions and production practices for the entire team. Founder Amanda provides direction and inspiration for the designs to her team of graphic designers, who then work their magic and create the beautiful visuals you see on the swimwear and underwear.

Our Story

In 2014, a visit to the beautiful country of Indonesia sparked an idea that led to the creation of the Booty Hut. Founder Amanda stumbled upon some super comfortable materials, which led her on a search for the maker of these pieces. This was the beginning of the Booty Hut journey, an Australian brand dedicated to making sustainable and (most importantly) comfortable swimwear and underwear. The Booty Hut soon started making an appearance at markets on the Sunshine Coast of Australia with a loyal following of customers loving what the Booty Hut created – maximum comfort with minimum impact on Mother Earth.  

Each piece features a fun and unique print, made to mix and match to suit your style. Designed to be worn under the sun or worn under garments, wherever you are in the world.